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Pony Club members, HPC hopes you
had a blast learning  polo basics in
the last 2 clinics! A big mahalo to
all those who participated. Great job
all of you! Hitting the ball like a pro!

  Saturday, July 21 polo clinic

  Waimanalo Polo Field
Clinic was a great success! Over
40 attendees tried hitting the ball from
horses walked by polo club members.
See photos below.

July 11 clinic at Maunawili Farm, Oahu
Fun for all. See photos below

Polo is one of the sports directly supported and endorsed by Pony Club.
This is a great way to get your feet wet! 

Saturday, July 21 polo clinic
Oahu's Waimanalo Polo Field

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Pony club participants visited the field and tried
hitting the ball while riding club member polo ponies

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Our hitting horse, which the kids
nicknamed "Speedy", gave everyone
a chance to practice shots
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All the kids had great form and
hit the ball really well for their first try

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Club members Santiago and Michelle teach hitting basics

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Pony club gets a lesson in tacking
a polo horse. They learned the purpose and safety features
of each tack component used to protect horse and rider.

  Wednesday, July 11, first polo clinic at Maunawili Farm
We discussed polo basics, practiced hitting from a hitting horse, and hit

with foot mallets. Lots of fun and big smiles all around. Future recruits for college polo teams!

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Turn out was great - about 25 girls and boys full of enthusiasm
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Trying out a forward shot
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Way to go! Hitting like a pro!
pologirl054.jpg (11864 bytes)
Says when she grows up
she'll be a jockey. If
she loves speed then watch
out future polo clubs, here
she comes!

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Allen Hoe teaching polo basics

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Practice with foot mallets

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