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gcMr Polo.jpg (14123 bytes) Honolulu Polo Club presents the 2001 Finale
USPA Governor's Cup honoring Fred Dailey

Consolation Match
Beachcomber Realty vs.
Dawson International

Trophy Match
La Martina-Subaru vs.
Hawaii Polo Inn

Winner Team Hawaii Polo Inn
Krista Hawley, Ron Bonaguidi, Mike Dailey, Devon Dailey

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Fred Dailey - Friend to Hawaii
by Brenda Lynn
There once was a man who gave a special gift to Hawaii. His name was
Fred Dailey, better known as "Mr. Polo" for his efforts.  His gift was the
revival of polo in a land that had been shattered by the onslaught of World
War II.  He brought polo back to Hawaii with the formation of the Waikiki
Polo Club and later started the Mokuleia Polo Club after purchasing and leasing
42 acres on Oahu's North Shore to build his home, a ranch and a polo field.
With it's revival he brought a new dimension to the sport, as sense of theatrics,
that quickly caught on and spread to the mainland and across the country. "He was
a showman," according to his son Michael. "He knew that people wanted a
spectacle and he gave it to them - champagne, skydiving, celebrities." And so the
people came. The crowds at Mokuleia either came by jalopies or limousines and drank
champagne or beer. The main thing was that they all enjoyed themselves.
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Kauai's Ron Bonaguidi
for Team Hawaii Polo Inn
scores against team
La Martina-Subaru.
Mike Dailey pushes hard to
outrace a tough Kiwi, La
Martina's Beau Broughton.
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As As a youngster, Dailey grew up on a farm with horses in Aurora, Illinois. Leaving his
home at the age of 16 he headed for Chicago where he played jazz trumpet and became
a reporter for the Chicago Tribune.  He had the dubious distinction of being the first
reporter on the scene of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre in 1929 and "the first thing
I did when I got there was throw up," is how he retold the story.

His love of horses prompted him to join the famed Chicago Black Horse Troop, the
National Guard Cavalry where he was first introduced to the sport of polo. During the
Depression he moved to Sarasota, Florida where he published and edited a small newspaper.
When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Dailey enlisted in the Air Force and trained pilots at Santa
Maria, CA where he met his wife Elizabeth Murphy, fondly known as "Murph".  During the War,
Fred fought the Japanese in the China-Burma Campaign, flying the "Hump" over the Himalayas
and a second time during the liberation of the Phillipines. He also fought against the Germans
in North Africa. Later as he traveled the world, his only weapon was a polo mallet, which he
weilded effectively until he played his last match at the age of 80.
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USPA Hawaiian Island
polo circuit Governor's Cup trophy
In the opinion of many, Fred Dailey made Hawaii the crossroad of International Polo. His generosity and hospitality to visiting players was unsurpassed. Dailey is remembered as anextraordinary man who gave freely of himself. He was a man that the common man in Hawaii
would call "Aikane" or friend, was well as a man who was friend to Maharajas, Sultans, andEuropean Royals. He was polo's ultimate goodwill ambassador. Inducted into the Polo Hallof Fame in 1997, his plaque states, "As guardian of the sport, as a selfless worker for theUSPA, as club owner, as an expemplary amateur and as a friend, he has earned a place of
honor in the annals of polo."
"Murph" the lovely Mrs.
Dailey. She is always in attendance
having a great time cheering
on the players. A player herself,
her advice to women playing
"..against all those
boys...when you ride them off you've
just got to give them a sharp elbow
and let them know who they're
up against."
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Most Valuable Player went to
visiting player Ron Bonaguidi from Kauai.
Team Hawaii Polo Inn  also hosted Ron's
guest and tough team player Krista Hawley.
Best Playing Pony
for Team La Martina-Subaru
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gcalicewarrior084.jpg (24503 bytes)  
Alice Lombardo receives
HPC's Na Koa o Polo - Polo Warrior Trophy,
as one dedicated to the spirit and game
of polo. This award also recognizes her valuable contributions as a team sponsor and player.

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Tiare Paty, Beau Broughton,
Santiago Uriburu, Allen Hoe
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gcdawsonteam077.jpg (30451 bytes) TEAM DAWSON INTERNATIONAL / 3rd
Chris Dawson, Gordon Smith,
Greg Davies, Mark Becker
Colin Ogawa, Alice Lombardo,
Rosey Rosecrans, Mike Ebinger

gcteambc079copy.jpg (23012 bytes)

gcgregrosieplay014.jpg (31028 bytes)

Rosey setting up for the back shot for Beachcomber and
denying Dawson's Greg Davies another run at the goal.



gcdjtiare061.jpg (20650 bytes)

DJ and Tiare
Allen at the back hits up to #3,
Santiago saving another shot on goal
by Mike Dailey.
gcg2play043.jpg (21566 bytes)

gckrista028.jpg (20979 bytes)

Krista taking the lead to play
a shot toward goal from teammate
Ron for Hawaii Polo Inn.
Spectators relaxing at
Sunday polo.
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gcplay09.jpg (34547 bytes)

Team Dawson and Team Beachcomber fight for control on the throw-in

gctiare029.jpg (19718 bytes)

Tiare riding Darla, played
brilliantly in her first
Governor's Cup tournament.
Team Dawson's Greg Davies getting
past Beachcomber's Colin Ogawa and
Rosey Rosecrans.
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gctoastteams088.jpg (28810 bytes)

Cheers to a great Governor's Cup and cheers to Mr. Fred Dailey!

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Allen going for the hook on Ron
with Santiago and Devon
Colin Ogawa off on on another breakaway
play on his favorite Sasha.
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gcrongoal047.jpg (24069 bytes)

Governor's Cup MVP Ron Bonaguidi
adds another to his goals. Great
game Ron.

gcplay04.jpg (27006 bytes)

Beachcomber's Alice Lombardo and Colin Ogawa playing their
positions well against Dawson's formidable back Mark Becker.



gcdevkrista035.jpg (24932 bytes)

Devon and Krista.

gcsanticham089.jpg (27383 bytes)

Santiago showers the players with champagne.

Alice takes Chris on defense. gcalice017.jpg (23223 bytes)

gcplay05.jpg (26412 bytes)

Mike Ebinger racing ahead of Team Dawson.
Tiare getting Bob Miller's
Sultan back to offense behind Beau.

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gcdj059.jpg (16888 bytes) Cheers!
See you next season!


Copyright 2001 photos by M. Maris