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Honolulu Polo Club
USPA Centennial Cup Sept. 23
Team Hawaii Polo Inn vs. Team Beachcomber Realty

USPA's Hawaiian Island Polo Circuit
Honolulu Polo Club was honored to host the
USPA Centennial Cup.

This tournament was created in 1990 to celebrate 100 years
of the USPA as the governing body of organized polo in
the United States.  Historically polo in the USA began in 1876
when James Bennet Gordon organized a match after seeing
polo played in England. Polo was first played in Hawaii in
1880 at Palama Field, Oahu, Hawaii.
ccwinteamhp053.jpg (26011 bytes) TEAM HAWAII POLO INN
toasting champagne
in silver trophies to their
excellent win over
Team Beachcomber.


awarded to Devon Dailey
ccdevrun2018.jpg (21904 bytes)
goes to Devon
Dailey's Evita

ccbestpony051.jpg (23803 bytes)
ccteambeach0055.jpg (27951 bytes)
Alice Lombardo's
Team Beachcomber,
runner's up in a tough
game. Chris, Mark, Mike
and Beau share a cold
one along with the


cctammy062.jpg (21099 bytes)
Kristy White and Tammy Becker,
beautiful paniolo wahines
of Happy Trails Hawaii,
enjoying a relaxing day of polo.
Yvonne and Colin,
sharing Colin's favorite polo grinds
poke and boiled peanuts.
ccyconnecolin064.jpg (24451 bytes)
ccsantimark049.jpg (20670 bytes) Mark and Santiago
race top-speed down the field to capture
the ball.
Chris Dawson,  
Team Beachcomber
ccchrisd034.jpg (17788 bytes)
ccbeauric38.jpg (25870 bytes)

Ricardo and Beau dance around the
field boards refusing to disengage
a defensive play.
"Tippy - just - hold - still- one- second..."
Lexie's puppy best attempt at
standing still.

cctippy1059.jpg (12916 bytes)
chris013.jpg (21718 bytes) Santiago solidly focused,
poised for complete
control of the ball.
Ricardo tries to hook
Beau's shot.
ccplayricsantbeau040.jpg (27293 bytes)
ccspectators063.jpg (16854 bytes) As always, the wonderful
crowd of HPC.
Mark makes a clean
break to get ahead.
ccmark038.jpg (22341 bytes)

ccmikedev016.jpg (24075 bytes)
Devon pushes up to take
Mike from his shot.
Santiago pushing Beau out
out on the throw-in
ccsantibeau015.jpg (21410 bytes)
Pepper gets some attention.
ccpepper06.jpg (20796 bytes)

Beau ready to take the ball


ccbeau013.jpg (23384 bytes)

ccallengordon24.jpg (22608 bytes)
Umpires Allen and Gordon
keep a sharp eye on the game.
Tammy and Allen. cctammyallen57.jpg (25533 bytes)


ccbestplayerricardo012.jpg (19060 bytes).
Hi ho silver!
Santiago cleans out Mike Ebinger
to make way for Mike Dailey's
nearside shot.
ccplaymike046.jpg (26673 bytes)

ccplay1011.jpg (24149 bytes) Fighting to take the ball
on a throw-in.
Full speed ahead.

ccplay032.jpg (27807 bytes)

ccteambeach010.jpg (27327 bytes) Team Beachcomber

Copyright 2001 Maris Communications
Photos by M. Maris