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Aug 12
The Campos Cup is in honor of our great friend and mentor, for all he has done for polo in Hawaii and for his untiring efforts to help us improve our play and our horses.

If you know anything about horses or polo in Hawaii then youknow Tommy Campos. In Hawaii he is beyond whispering, it is all telepathy for him. Everyone playing today has been his student, players & ponies.

Congratulations to Team Dawson Int'l,winners of the 2001 Campos Cup
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Tommy awards winning team Dawson International

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Team Onipa'a and Team La Martina Pacifica

lamartdaw87.jpg (32753 bytes) Team La Martina Pacifica
pushing hard to get the ball
Team Dawson backs the ball
to goal on the line-up
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Someone once said of Tommy Campos
"When Tommy talks to horses—they listen! Simply because he speaks
their language. He is one of them!"

That person was telling of a master horseman. A man who can breed,
break and train a horse and ride him well. The best these islands have.
It bespeaks an image of a passionate man who holds great reverence
for his life-long commitment to the land, horses and to polo.

As an overseer of Enrique Zobel’s Circle Z Ranch in Waimanalo today,
Campos speaks fondly of his early beginnings with polo. "Being practically born on a horse.
I grew up riding herd on my father’s dairy farm in Kailua." Tommy commented.
"Of course, I started playing polo with the rest of them down in Kapiolani Park.
What a great team of guys! They were good times, a strong beginning."

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Best pony Chris Dawson's Kahala
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Post-match champagne toast 

When polo gained its strength in the islands, Campos’ tremendous
talents were firmly enmeshed in the game - mounting the visiting teams,
training, teaching and playing worldwide.

Some of Tommy’s POLOISMS? "And don’t forget, 85% of that
game belongs to the horse! Each player should have instinctive sympathy with his ponies."

"As for team structure? Each club should have individual teams, and each team
should have individual players. Each team should have a pro - a leader at the helm,"
Tommy continued. "By that I mean, there should be the same players on each team.
What great strength, discipline and communication that would bring!
What that team would develop into."

With that kind of commitment to polo, Tommy Campos will be around
a long time, spouting poloisms and landing new players into the game -
allowing us the privilege to witness that exquisite union between man and horse.

teamonipaa045.jpg (30941 bytes)
Team Onipa'a
bestplayer103.jpg (18660 bytes)
Best Player Mike Dailey

"When dealing with horses, you have to start from the barn." Campos said with firm conviction.
"The care, feeding and exercise of these magnificent animals are number one.
Understand them! Look under the hood, for God’s sake, you learn a lot that way.
Condition that horse. If you speak to them, they will take good care of you.
It is so important to know and feel when they peak at the right time, then use them in the game!"

Because of a serious polo injury some years ago,
Campos does not play any more. But his willingness and Insistence to
nurture would-beplayers is a vanguard to polo’s infrastructure today.

"I’m all for young people becoming more interested in polo.
There should be a local ‘sponsorship for youth’ program to give more
of them a chance in years to come. Wouldn’t that be fine?"

dawsonfamily0114.jpg (23788 bytes)
Dawson Family
lamartinapacteam104.jpg (21757 bytes)
Team La Martina Pacifica
social0076.jpg (25957 bytes)
HPC Social members cheer on the teams
dawlamart078.jpg (22797 bytes)
Team La Martina Pacifica tries to keep Dawson off the shot
ponyparade042.jpg (15505 bytes)
  Pony parade
mrdawson055.jpg (12214 bytes)
Mr. Dawson throws in the ball
to open the game
santi079.jpg (25861 bytes)
Santiago and Rosey on a break-away run
alicedj096.jpg (25920 bytes)
Alice and DJ our lovely wahines!
devautograph113.jpg (22722 bytes)
Devon autographs a polo ball
A huge mahalo to Hogan our announcer
to Brian our referee, also to Ms. Ebinger and the ladies
for all of your great help! Can't do it without you!

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